We have been doing this since 1998! We've been in a few papers for what we have done, local and international!

Our community

Bishopton deserves a good web site, people have fought hard for this community and we are a close knit  community. If you know someone in the village then through them and their friends, you'll know everyone in the village!

It's a dynamic community too, constantly changing, however, with good men and women, we can determine our own future!

Our site

We are a community web site so any money raised through the web site goes back into the web site.

Get connected

We are here to help the community communicate with each other and help support the real community, to that end we offer the following to any group or business in the community:

Free web site, with domain: We are able to provide a free web site and if you want to buy a domain name  we can host it, meaning you can use the email system for your domain.

Example: if we were a group called "Groupsie" our totally free web site with the option domain would have the web address: and cost £10 each year

Sites are supported by our web support group,, if you want a web site you can go to: 

Summary Information:

We have been supporting the community through this web site since 1999.

We are independant of the local council

We are independant of any other community group 

We are self financing, relying on funds from advertising and donations

This site and our offers are available for any group in the community to promote themselves

If you want to do something and highlight it on the web site we will help you to do it!

...and through a "It's Your Community" award helping us launch CATS and Digital Bishopton, O2

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