Community Alert Texts System

It's designed to be a fast and interactive way of communicating within the village!

We marry the community, mobile phone technology and the community web site together to bring you a new way of communicating with the community!

Emails, newsletters and posters depend largely on people reading them and they need to be up or sent well before the date of the event to catch everyone. However, if there was a fast and conveniently way for the community to contact the community we could enhance our community!

Primary use for the CATs would be to help local groups communicate with the village. We won't be inundating you with texts but you should find it useful. It goes without saying that your details are held securely and no one outside the web master can access them!

What do we have in the future for CATs? Well, it offers us other advantages:

Crime Alerts

We will be working with the police to help support a new style of Neighbourhood Watch - where the police can send information instantly to the Watch members by text to alert them to something like break ins. The members simply look out for anything suspicious and report back the information to them.

We will recruit members for this shortly!

An Amber style alert: 

If a child goes missing we can post to everyone in the community to be on the lookout, referring back to the community web sites for more information.

Targeted community alerts: Through the future registration process we can target vulnerable groups, i.e. the elderly, where we can get messages through about special payments and support services and how to access them. In addition we can contact people in specific streets who maybe affected by power outages or the water being turned off when repairs are needed.

This is a community tool accessed by the community for the community!

CATs Registration

Mobile Nos:
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Simple and easy to do

  • Get information direct to your phone on local events and activities.

  • Your details are confidential and you can unsubscribe at any time.

  • Texts to you don't cost you anything.

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