We're lucky, we have a great place to live and that fact has come about by a lot of effort on many peoples part for well over 100 years. We make this community for ourselves, that's to say it's not "agency lead". Many of our events are annual and have woven into our community calendar. We're a desirable place to live!

Low crime and great amenities like a great medical faclity (our health centre), a highly desirable primary school and a train station add to the appeal. 

But lets take a closer look at where we live...


are nestled close to the clyde coast line in the west of Renfrewshire. We are a village in the heart of farm land, so we are surrounded by fields and trees with fresh air taken for granted.

The village and the people in the community have character, built on from years of respect and involvement by members of the community something the Scottish Executive try to re create elsewhere under the banner "Communtiy Capacity Building".


We came from being a predominantly farming community to a commuter village for Glasgow and surrounding area. That background offers up a lot of stories and history in itself, we have added to the unique cultural imprint of Scottish history, the history section will give you more on this.

From famous Lairds to the infamous like John Holms, we see remrants of Bishopton through the ages.

At one time Bishopton was world famous for blacksmiths, farming and cattle breeding. Today we benefit from that sense of community!

Over the last 200 years we have been slowly changing and evolving as a community, particularily in the last 40 years.


We had massive house building in the 60’s that permanently changed us from farming to a commuter community. And although the events surrounding the closure of ROF Bishopton and BAe’s bogus schemes to sell off the land and threaten this, and other surrounding communities, this new millennium provides us with our greatest challenge to build on our community. This web site will be a factor on that change.

Our medical and schools facilities are forward looking and amongst the best, with Bishopton Primary School in it's Bicentenary! Mothers delivering their children at the school once were delivered their themselves!

The M8 motorway and a mainline railway station affords us execllent communications links, while several Chinese takeaways, a most excellent tandoori restaurant and good local shopping makes Bishopton unique and desirable place to live.


The people within the village are amongst the friendliest you will find in Scotland. We have two strong churches run by young ministers of the faith, Bishopton Parish Church and Our Lady of Lourdes Chapel breathing fresh air into their congregations and addding positively to the community. We also have a busy Gospel Hall!

Our young people are served well by a well established youth club and a Scout Group that attracts a large following and provides 'muscle' for the community events, and they marked their 80th birthday in 2004. The local primary school has so many extra cirricular activities and compete in football and chess touramnets winning many trophies.

The Guides are strong here too with several Guide, Brownie and Rainbow units, and a well attended Boys & Girls Brigade too!

Local Events

Bishopton Week and in particular Bishopton Day at the end of June, has always proved a real pull for the community, with funds raised for the Community and well deserving causes. The Fun Run, which goes twice around the village, run on the day before Bishopton Day, has hundreds of kids taking part.

The other events that marks the Bishopton Calendar is the annual Scout Fireworks Display in November, a spectacular event that never fails to attract the village en masse. December see's The Magical Christmas Sunday for the kids (and adults) run by the Playgroup and Toddlers, and not forgetting the Bishopton PTA’s Christmas and Spring Fair at the school which packs the school with people and helps fund new and existing school projects.

In April we see the famous Bishopton Scouts Jumble Sale! People come from all over the West Coast for that one! The ultimate in community recycling!!!

The future

So, what of the future, what awaits us? Well, we have the people, a robust infrastructure. We have people ready to stand and fight for the community and a community thats ready to stand and fight with them.

The future can only be bright, because it's the people that make a community and we are well served in that department!

Web Site

And this is why we have this independant web site, going in one form or another since 1998, before there were community web sites! This web site has the pleasure to inform and help deliberate the issues, we hope to serve the community that calls itself Bishopton for years to come!

Stuart Duffy

Web Master