Management in the Community

Local management is something we should all be actively interested in, and participate in, if we are to have a say on how we develop our community.

Our community is influenced by various bodies internal and external

Hands on...

Community Councils are one of those groups who have been set up by law to represent the views of the local community with primarily Renfrewshire Council.


We have a lot of people and groups who help us in various fields, some are government sponsored and some are there because Governments, local and national can be deaf and they need us to shout so they can hear us:

Political Processes

We have various politicians who represent us in the different seats of democracy. Councillors do this at a local level, while MP's (Member of Parliament) represents your views in Westminster, while MSP's (Member of the Scottish Parliament) represent us in the Scottish Parliament.

If you have a vote use it, one of the key ways to protect our community is to vote!

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The Scottish Government

Scottish Parliament

SEPA Corporate Office

Renfrewshire Council

Community Council

Friends of the Earth Scotland

Bishopton Action Group

Local Councillors


The European Parliament