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OK, it's a fact, Bishopton stands as one of the best places to live in Scotland, we're close to Glasgow, Loch Lomond and the west coast.


Our rail link and motorway links are fantastic but the best asset Bishopton has is its close community.


At the heart of the community is the kids, from nursery to the primary school, the well attended Scouts and Boys & Girls Brigades we have here help us to have an established community infrastructure. The people in Bishopton are passionate about the place we live.

Celebrating Bishopton

Bishopton Day is organised and managed by people in the community and stands as a celebration of our community and is attended by nearly everyone! Established in 1963 it's an annual event which brings everyone together for fun and entertainment.

We like it

In short, whether your single, a couple or a family Bishopton is within striking distance of the west coast of Scotland (Loch Lomond and beyond etc), 15 minutes from Glasgow, 10 minutes from Braehead (very large shopping complex, excellent pubs, shops and take aways (for those who don't like to cook), but a special mention to one of the best Tandoori restaurants in Scotland, the Bishopton Tandoori!

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