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toxic wasteI can't get over Renfrewshire Council standing up at a public meeting and declaring that the RoF isn't on the top of their contaminated lands list (still waiting for the list to be sent). He was actually condescending in his 'put down' - when pressed he then told us that if we took all the parts of the factory together it would be at the top. This is the dangerous "spin" that I fear, those who are in charge belittle those living in communities surrounding this toxic time bomb with a crass response to the danger to those very communities feel.

Now we get the next part of dangerous and misleading “spin” from Renfrewshire Council! Taken from the Paisley Daily Express:

Included in the final plans agreed with the developers are £30 million worth of community investment, including the construction of a new school for primary and pre-school age groups, improvements in park and ride facilities plus more than £700,000 on local bus services, a new community centre and health centre, plus the long-term maintenance and management of a community woodland park.

£30 million worth of community investment agreed with the developers – wow (must be said with a high degree of sarcasm)! THERE ARE NO DEVELOPERS, THEY PULLED OUT! Who the hell are they talking too? £30 million in development? We can’t even get roads repaired!!!

The real danger is that they tell us this fantasy as if they believe it! Could they be deluding themselves? After this stupidity can we ever believe what they say?

This is evidence that democracy has died in our society, now we have death by committee… in dictatorships you at least have someone to hate!

Stuart Duffy

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From Bishopton Action Group

toxic waste

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