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Protecting your computer:

It's essential that you protect your computer. There are bad people out there on the web. These programs are free and, on the whole, once installed look after themselves.

We recommend downloading them all!

Free Anti Virus

Scumware Removal Software

Pop up stopper


Everything for free and easy to use!

There are applications that run faster, work just as well and are not Microsoft made! I'm not knocking Microsoft, it's just that when you get all the software you want it ends up costing more than the computer itself!

The computer industry has the sickly habit of bundling "trial" software with new computers that expires at the end of 3 months! Now I was a Microsoft junkie - nearly everything was MS but I got a new computer and couldn't find my serial numbers for the programs I re installed, so until they came through I made use of free software... and found it was faster had all the facilities i was after!

So I recommend these to you in the safe knowledge that they are comparable in all ways and will take less space up and run faster in most computers!

Browser & Email

Office Software

We'll keep adding to the list here and update you via email

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